Work Hardening

WORK HARDENING is a medically supervised, progressive rehabilitation program intended to restore functional capabilities in order to restore functional work return following an injury.


  • Daily (M-F) program progressing from half (2 1/2 hours) to full (6 hours) rehab days
  • Efficient scheduling with rehab initiated the day after the initial evaluation.
  • Rehab duration projections available following the initial evaluation.
  • Reassessments at least every 2 weeks with functional progress mandatory for continued rehab.
  • “Hands on” (manual therapy) care given when needed to achieve further functional progress.
  • Close contact with rehab personnel throughout the program.
  • Individualized rehab program based on ones injury and specific needs.
  • Frequent material handling levels identified at any time due to inclusion in daily program.
  • Warehouse with multiple work stations to gradually increase functional tolerance.
  • No FCE required at the end of the program to identify work readiness.