Post Offer Dynamic Strength Testing

POST OFFER DYNAMIC STRENGTH TESTING is a one hour test given to reduce the likelihood of employing high risk candidates for a work injury. Each screening is job specific and defensible according to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) laws. Each job position being screened requires an onsite short format functional job analysis to be performed by one of our staff members. Any individual who completes this process is not only shown to have adequate strength to perform the job, but is taught safe work methods prior to their first day on the job.


  • Indemnity waiver
  • Ten item musculoskeletal strength and flexibility physical examination.
  • Individualized exercise prescription designed to reduce low back injuries.
  • Low back anatomy discussion.
  • “For Your Back” educational booklet.
  • Job specific body mechanics training.
  • Clear identification if candidate has adequate dynamic strength to safely perform essential and marginal job functions.