Job Analysis

JOB ANALYSIS is an onsite analysis where weights, heights, distances, forces,and frequency of job tasks are objectively measured. Available in two formats. The long format can be used for assistance with return to work of an injured employee or to assist with an ergonomic consultation. The short form is useful in the above listed instances and is mandatory prior to formulation of a Post-Offer Dynamic Strength Screening. Both formats are Americans with Disabilities (ADA) specific and an important part of an employee file.



  • Narrative job task description
  • Possible job modifications
  • Activity frequency checklist
  • US Department of Labor physical demand rating
  • Material handling descriptions
  • Non-material handling (postural) descriptions
  • Necessary hand functions
  • Environmental conditions
  • Description of objects handled


  • Essential job functions
  • Marginal job functions
  • Possible reasonable accommodations
  • Equipment used
  • Specific worksite measurements