Seated Computer Workplace Ergonomics

ERGONOMIC PRESENTATION is a service where affected employees are taught to perform biomechanical analysis of their work site utilizing easy to use forms. After risk factors contributing to low back and/or upper extremity cumulative trauma are identified,the employees are also provided with the means to arrive at low cost, easy to implement suggestions designed to reduce the incidence and the severity of these injuries.Employee involvement is crucial if any long term, successful job modifications are to be made.This service is particularly useful for jobs associated with a high rate of injury.


  • Basic anatomy discussion.
  • Preventative injury stretching instructions.
  • A worksheet identifying unsafe postures is completed by fellow employees for each individual assigned to a Seated Computer Workplace.
  • A worksheet that identifies Possible Driving Factors for the observed unsafe postures is provided so ergonomic changes can be suggested by co-workers.
  • Employees trained to be novice ergonomists.
  • Ergonomic team formation assistance and participation by staff member is an option.